Halloween Fortune Games: Fortune Game Ideas For Halloween Party

Halloween Fortune Games Ideas For Party

Blowing Out Candles Game: Halloween Fortune Games

Candles are used very innovatively to have a fun fortune game on Halloween. Blowing the candle is one amongst the very famous Halloween fortune games. Burning candles also set the mood for a mystical future predicting exercise, which can involve a lot of people, depending on the number of candles you have. Colored candles are required for this game, as colors are the future determining factor here. It will be great to call a lot of people to participate in this game, which will make it more fun, as you also get to know predictions on people’s personal life through this candle game.

How To Play

An excellent fortuneteller game for Halloween, ‘burning the candle’ uses candles for divination. The game has to be played by one individual at a time. Any number of guests can be kept entertained with this game, as they wait for their turn to know the future and eavesdrop on what others have in store for the next year. All you need is a silk cloth blindfold, a table and three candles (in pink, green and orange colors). A matchbox full of matches will also be needed to light the candles for all the guests interested in knowing their fate.

Light three candles in a row, on the table. Keep the candles about a foot apart from each other. Invite the guests one by one, to know their future. Blindfolded them, turn them around and move around the room, until they lose the sense of direction and reach the spot where the candles have been positioned, on the table. Bring the guest near the table and ask him/her to blow one of the candles. If the guest blows out pink candle, it means there is romance for him/ her in the coming year.

Green candle is for green currency notes that will be raining in for the guest. Blowing orange candle out means that they are about to go on a trip. You may add more colored candles to the row, each having their own meaning. Candles can even be kept inside carved pumpkins, so that it looks more Halloween-like. It will also make blowing out candles difficult, so make sure that the flame is near the hole for the mouth, nose or one of the eyes. So, start playing the game and have a lot of fun!

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