Halloween Fortune Games: Fortune Game Ideas For Halloween Party

Halloween Fortune Games Ideas For Party

Apple Seed Test Game: Halloween Fortune Games

Halloween is synonymous with partying and fun. People across many parts of the world celebrate the holiday by playing a variety of games. And apples are famous for Halloween, as they are used as charms. Fortune telling tests are the flavor of Halloween and apples have been long trusted upon for predicting the future. Fortune telling is looked upon as a superstition by many, but it can be very intriguing and an absolutely fascinating game to play, especially, on a festival like Halloween.

How To Play

The apple seed test is a popular and easy fortune game that keeps girls and women amused, even as they prepare delicacies for the Halloween party. To predict the fortune, all they have to do is dice an apple into half and cut out its core. After this, they should count the seeds. The number of seeds are said to indicate the future for the coming year or what is destined to happen within a year. However, they should play it for just for fun and not except any miracles to happen. Here are the predictions:

  • One seed foretells loneliness of the person,
  • Two seeds foretell early marriage
  • Three seeds foretell legacy
  • Four seeds foretell great wealth
  • Five seeds predict a sea voyage
  • Six seeds predict great fame as an orator or singer
  • Seven seeds indicate possession of the most desired gift

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