Halloween Date 2018: When is Halloween 2018

The festival of Halloween is celebrated in many parts of the world with great joy and is marked with extensive celebrations and festivity. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular and beloved festivals of the world, as it encompasses a whole universe filled with fun and conviviality. Halloween is aptly associated with very fascinating customs, traditions and legends. Magical spells, ghoulish costumes, terrifying party themes and delectable recipes have long been associated with this fascinating Celtic festival. Children and adults can be seen having fun alike on this spirited day.

Halloween preparations begin a long time before the actual date of its arrival. The buoyant celebrators make extensive preparations and crafts to celebrate the festival in a grand style. People wait throughout the year for Halloween, gleaming in anticipation, as it provides a golden opportunity to have fun in an uninhibited way. On Halloween, many people organize theme parties at their homes and play a lot of fun games with their guests. Pompous decorations and colorful illuminations adorn their houses on the Halloween night.

Youngsters also have their share of romantic fun on Halloween. Young couples find themselves trying some amazing fortune-telling games, trying to assess the future of their relationship. Magical charms are tried by women to test the loyalty of their lovers and vice-versa. Some celebrators also watch Halloween movies at night, while some others read books based on Halloween. Options are many to celebrate Halloween in your own style, and celebrations vary too, in different parts of the world, owing to their varied culture and customs.

  • Halloween 2017: Tuesday October 31
  • Halloween 2018: Wednesday October 31

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