Go trendy this Karwa Chauth

Go trendy this Karwa Chauth: Culture & Tradition

The right hues

Be it your outfit or lipstick or blush, let the hues be warm. “Ditch the regular red and the maroon. What tops the charts these days, are warmer shades such as fuchsia, burgundy, crimson, carrot, coral and plum,” say Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor. “Fuchsia and pinks along with subtle gold and silver work and detailing is what’s in fashion and will give you that chic look,” agrees Reynu Taandon.

Get this look

Makeup: Apply an illuminating liquid based foundation over the face, in swift strokes. Take a bronze shimmer-based eye shadow, and pat it onto the lid, blending it upwards, to the socket. Now, with a liquid-based liner, apply a straight line, slightly higher at the corners of your eyes. A touch of kajal on the lower rim should be enough. The lip colour is a bright pinkish red.

Use a lip balm before applying the lipstick. Don’t forget to line the lips with a pencil. You can touch up with some tinted gloss. Finally, powder your face well with compact powder. Use a light pink blush powder in the apples of your cheeks, diagonally upwards.

Hair: Isolate the back and front hair. Tie your back hair into a low ponytail, backcomb the ponytail, and scrunch it into a bun. Now, place your front hair in a middle parting, back comb it and neatly pin it backwards towards the bun. Take the excess hair and tease it into a messy way onto the bun. This will add a touch of modernity by giving a chic contrast to the neat slick bun with traditional middle parting. Finally, pin a few white chrysanthemums on one side of the bun.

Outfit and jewellery: While the fuschia-tinted net sari with pink and white stone work in paisley patterns, gives it a nice traditional touch, the sleeveless sheer back blouse with a short Chinese collar completes the look with a smart elegance. Since the blouse is heavily-patterned from the back and front, heavy jewellery is best avoided. The hanging swarovski-studded earring and matching bangles complete the look.

Deck up your sieve

The sieve or chalni forms an important part of the Karwa Chauth thali. It’s through this that the bride sees the full moon and then her husband, so the sieve has to look special. With the following easy steps, you can turn an ordinary sieve into a beautiful piece:

  1. Paste a bright red ribbon or a strip of non-embroidered gota on the inner border of the sieve.
  2. Now, stick border strips from an old traditional sari on the outer boundary of the sieve to give it a rooted look.
  3. For a richer look, glue stones on the boundary, and then fasten kaleerein or any other stringy beads on the borders.

By Manju Agarwal, founder and creative head, Nimantran

Nail art over Mehendi

While mehendi is certainly traditional, make your Karwa Chauth more stylish by opting for a decorative nail art instead. You can in fact do it at home, yourself. Take two shades of nail paint that matches your outfit and apply them either horizontally or vertically. Now paste stones of your choice in a particular pattern. Apply a base coat on top of these for the stones to stick well. Try and experiment by using stones in contrasting shades with the nail paint colour. You can also use pretty sequins or ornamental printed stickers. If you only want to draw miniature patterns, you can get a fine brush or a clean eye liner brush at home and dip it in white or pearl nail paint and make a flower pattern over French-manicured nails.

By makeup and nail art expert Shikha Taneja

Healthy Fasting

Fasting can be a grueling experience and you don’t want to look tired and washed out in the evening, when the actual ritual happens. However, the best thing about Karwa Chauth is that one is allowed to eat something before dawn break so make sure this meal is good enough to prepare you for the day. This food item should be one that’s slowly absorbed by the body, thus releasing energy at a gradual pace (not a burst of energy as released by sugary drinks). A bowl of porridge made with whole grain that is roasted in a little fat and cooked in milk is ideal. A light vermicelli kheer is therefore ideal. To go along with it, a bowl of juicy fruits such as orange, pineapple or pomegranate is perfect. After the entire day, when you break the fast, it is best to have a light meal. Start with a glass of coconut water or barley water with honey and lime followed by some barley flour chapatti and daliya khichri. Avoid anything deep-fried.

By nutritionist Neelanjana Singh, Heinz Nutrition Foundation

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