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Friendship Day Letters – World Friendship Day Gifts

Friendship Day Letters – World Friendship Day Gifts

Friendship Day Letters – World Friendship Day Gifts: One of the most thoughtful gestures of friendship is a hand written, heartfelt letter. Letters for your friends are priceless treasures that he/she would cherish for many years to come. They can be the ultimate gift to bestow upon your dearest friend, on Friendship Day. You may complement the letter with a bouquet and a box of chocolates, to make the present even more special. You can pen down your innermost thoughts for your friend in a letter and be sure that he/she is surely going to like it. Your letter need not be polished and a literary piece. Your feelings will be best if expressed in your words and simple language. For Friendship Day letter ideas, go through the following lines.

Friendship Day Letter Ideas

  • Don’t write your letter on the paper of a notebook. Remember, you are writing a thoughtful letter for your best friend, not copying school notes! Therefore, choose a nice letter pad that has a small cute illustration on a corner.
  • Begin on a light note, proceed towards a comic tone and finally end it with an emotional touch. You can also use emotional quotations to end your letter.
  • If you like to use rhyming words for your letter, you can always write a short poem for your friend. Give it an appropriate title or just name it “For My Best Friend”. You can mention each other’s nicknames, fun moments or a special memory that you both particularly enjoy.
  • End the letter on an emotional note and don’t forget to thank your friend for being there for you always, through the thick and thin of your life.
  • You can always decorate your letter with glitter and colors. Draw out nice patterns on the sides of the paper as to form a frame. Make use of some glitter sporadically, in order to make it look a bit interesting.
  • If you have a picture together, you can either scan it on the paper or stick it as it is. The picture should highlight a special moment together and bring fond memories of the time, when the photo was taken.
  • If you don’t have a photograph, then draw a cartoon that looks like you and your friend. Make it funny and as attractive as possible. It should highlight a special moment that you have shared, such as cycling together, playing at the beach, a make-over etc.
  • Fold the letter nicely and put it in an envelope. You may also write something on the envelope, apart from the address of the recipient. To add to its overall appeal, spray a perfume on the envelope. Ensure that you post the letter on time.

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