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Chinese New Year Dates: Chinese Culture & Traditions

Chinese New Year Dates: Chinese Culture & Traditions

January 28th, 2017 is the first day of the Chinese New Year. Since each year is named after 12 different animals, the Chinese New Year Dates system makes it easily for people, in particular, the old people to remember their age. Like for e.g. 2014 was Year of Horse, 2015 was Year of Goat, 2016 is Year of Monkey. And 2017 is Year of Rooster.

Chinese New Year DatesAccording to a myth, Lord Buddha invited all the animals on the Chinese New Year. But only 12 came, so he named the 12 years after each of the animals. He Proclaimed that Those those born in each animal’s year would have traits of that particular animal. Since this year is a Rooster year, people born in this year can be really eccentric and sometimes may seem selfish in their way of life. Rooster are devoted to work and lifelong learning.

Chinese New Year Dates: Chinese Culture & Traditions

Animal Branch Dates
Rat Zi February 19, 1996 February 7, 2008
Ox Chou February 7, 1997 January 26, 2009
Tiger Yin January 28, 1998 February 14, 2010
Rabbit Mao February 16 1999 February 3, 2011
Dragon Chen February 5, 2000 January 23, 2012
Snake Si January 24, 2001 February 10, 2013
Horse Wu February 12, 2002 January 31, 2014
Goat Wei February 1, 2003 February 19, 2015
Monkey Shen January 22, 2004 February 8, 2016
Rooster You February 9, 2005 January 28, 2017
Dog Xu January 29, 2006 February 16, 2018
Pig Hai February 18th, 2007 February 5, 2019

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