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Please feel free to contact us for any query, comments or suggestions. You can also mail us: admin@4to40.com.


  1. Hi, I have been trying to add a Sarod teacher’s profile on your page but I haven’t been able to do so successfully due to some technical difficulties on your website. Here are his details, can you add it for me please?
    Category: Classical Music
    Sub category: Sarod
    Teacher Name: Shri Suresh Vyas
    City: Mumbai
    Country: India
    Phone: +919819682250
    Email: suresh.sarod@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.sureshvyas.com/suresh_vyas.htm
    Profile: Traditional classical Indian musician, Suresh Vyas is a disciple of the legendary, Guru-ma Annapurna Devi of the Maihar gharānā (school).

    His initial training was under Ustād Dhyanesh Khan, son of the maestro Ustād Ali Akbar Khan, in Kolkata. In 1985, ‘Ma’ Annapurna Devi, the doyenne of the Maihar style and the daughter of Ustād ‘Baba’ Allauddin Khan – founder of the Maihar gharānā – accepted him as her student.

    Suresh teaches a wide spectrum of students, in line with the time-honored teaching methods and style of his lineage and guru.

    Class schedule: Suresh teaches both in person and over skype.

    Many thanks

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