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Assam Traditional Dress Coloring Page

The traditional costume worn by Assamese women are riha-makhela-sadar.

Last Updated On: Wednesday, February 1, 2012


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: India


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The traditional costume worn by Assamese women are "riha-makhela-sadar". Mekhela is the long skirt and the upper apparel is known as riha. Graceful and intricate red colored designs at the end of riha makes it very attractive. Most of the tribal women wear variations of mekhala and chadar. Traditional wear of the men of Assam are dhuties manufactured at the mills and a shirt known as sola or fotua with an eri-chaddar. While in the villages the rich men wear headgear. In the paddy fields they wear japi, a type of hat. During Bihu the Assamese women wear their traditional dress made of muga silk. The state is world famous for muga silk which is often called the golden silk.


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