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Truth, Love And Compassion

Truth, Love And Compassion — Truth, love and compassion are three principles in which all faiths are founded and which none can speak against. If we abide by these, we have imbibed the basic teaching of all religions. Truth instils fearlessness. Where there is love, there is always sacrifice. If there is compassion, there can be no violence. Fearlessness, sacrifice …

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Truth Is The Cure

Truth Is The Cure — The man seemed restless and confused. The situation had grown quite unfavorable and he wanted to draw the attention of his superiors to it, but could not do so because of fear. He thus showed only the rosy picture to his superiors. In due course of time, the problems became grave. The man was basically …

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Stop Being Bored With Life

Stop Being Bored With Life — What is life, Swamiji? It just drags on… You are bored because you have neither interest nor enthusiasm. How to get out of this quicksand called boredom? Executives in large corporations are given periodical increments or promotions to encourage and motivate them; they provide them with power and opportunity to take important decisions. Most …

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Paddle Up Now, It’s Yoga Time!

Paddle Up Now, It’s Yoga Time! — Paddle boarding, an ancient form of surfing, is gaining popularity as a high-intensity, low-impact platform for group fitness classes from calisthenics to yoga. Experts say it may feel like walking on water because paddle boarding works on the flat water of a lake or pond and doesn’t involve waves. “Paddle boarding is a …

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Meditation and Yoga 2011

Meditation and Yoga 2011 — A day to relax, refresh and rejuvenate with meditation and yoga in the presence of H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in New Jersey. This day-long program will feature unique and informative sessions giving participants the skill to manage their mind and emotions, increase productivity, and bring balance into their lives. It will be held on …

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Is Life Fair Or Unfair

Is Life Fair Or Unfair —Does existence believe in fairness and justice? Is the world running according to a system where there is natural justice? Or is everything here disorganised, random and chaotic? These are questions that often come to our mind, especially when we see injustice around us. Most of us would say that life is not always fair. …

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