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Meditation and Yoga 2011

Meditation and Yoga 2011 — A day to relax, refresh and rejuvenate with meditation and yoga in the presence of H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in New Jersey. This day-long program will feature unique and informative sessions giving participants the skill to manage their mind and emotions, increase productivity, and bring balance into their lives. It will be held on …

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India’s 5 Leading Ayurveda Destinations

India’s 5 Leading Ayurveda Destinations — People are willing to experience a ‘healthier’ side to an otherwise indulgent holiday by touring healing resorts as an escape from the mundane, hectic everyday existence. These resorts located at the outskirts of the cityscape over sprawling and pristine forests lure tourists into its peaceful and quiet edifices. Let’s discover and learn about some …

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How To Increase Your Concentration Power?

How to increase your concentration power? — Practising yoga not only can improve physical stamina, but also plays an important role in improving people’s concentration and accuracy. Researchers in the US discovered that a single session of Hatha yoga significantly improved a person’s speed and accuracy when tested on their working memory and concentration, reports dailymail.co.uk. “Yoga is an ancient …

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Fasting — Detoxifying Fast: Fasting is the incredible oldest and ancient way to detoxify & approach to healing physically, mentally and spiritually. Fasting is the process to detoxify body and mind by realizing the importance of food, as well as the imperativeness of light body, which is essential for spiritual awakening and enlightenment according to Ayurveda and is known as …

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Asanas for Relaxation and Exercise

Asanas for Relaxation and Exercise — Many yoga asanas provide physical relaxation, and if properly performed, mental relaxation too. Shavasana is the principal asana in this category. It is performed at the beginning and end of a session, and is also sandwiched between other asanas which provide physical exercise. Another common relaxation posture is makarasana. Relaxing asanas may be performed …

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