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Bali and Hanuman: How Hanuman saved Sugriva

Bali and Hanuman - Learn how Hanuman saved Sugriva from Bali

Kishkindha was the capital of the kingdom of the monkeys ruled by King Bali. One day, a terrible fight broke out between Bali and his brother Sugriva. Sugriva was so afraid of Bali that he went away to live in a hill called Rishyamukha with his minister, Hanuman. Sugriva chose to live on Rishyamukha, because Bali was cursed regarding the hill. …

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Kids Funny Animal Story: Unexpected Laughter

Unexpected Laughter

Simile was an effervescent little cat who enjoyed laughing and giggling. She even laughed through her own troubles and did not need any company to ease her pain. On a Sunday morning, while she was going to market, Whitey cat met her on the way. She admired Smile’s red hat and asked if she could spare that hat for her. …

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The Cratchits’ Christmas Dinner: Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens Christmas Story: The Cratchits' Christmas Dinner

Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present stood in the city streets on Christmas morning, where (for the weather was severe) the people made a rough but brisk and not unpleasant kind of music, in scraping the snow from the pavement in front of their dwellings, and from the tops of their houses, whence it was mad delight to the …

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Be Helpful! English Moral Story For Children

Be Helpful! English Moral Story For Children

“I want a new ball” Vasu said.Papa was surprised, “But you had bought a new ball of your choice yesterday”.“Yes but Suraj did not like that ball” Vasu replied.“But why should you worry about that if you like that”.“Now I need a red ball” Vasu hugged his father.“Alright… we will get a red ball tomorrow for Vasu” his father patted …

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Santa and the Christmas gift: Children’s Story

Santa and the Christmas gift: Children's Story

Santa was in a fix. He was forced to unwrap and use one of the gifts, which was a little girl’s rather unusual request. How would he make it up to her, he wondered. As winter was spreading its freezing arms to cover all mountains and meadows alike, Santa excitedly rubbed his gloved palms. He was supervising the Christmas preparations. …

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Christmas: Kids Short Story with Moral

English Wisdom Story for Kids: Christmas

Christmas: Kids Short Story By Manjari Shukla On this Christmas Eve, Michael was wandering in the garb of Santa Claus with a bag full of gifts. Being a crooked thief, he was adept at disguising himself and robbing people even during broad day light. Suddenly he noticed a lady waving good bye to a small boy.Michel thought – “I am …

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Legend of Christmas Tree: Story for Students

The Legend of the Christmas Tree

Most children have seen a Christmas tree, and many know that the pretty and pleasant custom of hanging gifts on its boughs comes from Germany; but perhaps few have heard or read the story that is told to little German children, respecting the origin of this custom. The story is called “The Little Stranger,” and runs thus: In a small …

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