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Poems For Kids

Poetry for children: Our large assortment of poems for children include evergreen classics as well as new poems on a variety of themes. You will find original juvenile poetry about trees, animals, parties, school, friendship and many more subjects. We have short poems, long poems, funny poems, inspirational poems, poems about environment, poems you can recite

जब इस धरती पर राजपूत आया: राजपूतों का शौर्य गान

जब इस धरती पर राजपूत आया: राजपूतों का शौर्य गान

राजपूत भारतीय उपमहाद्वीप की बहुत ही प्रभावशाली जाति है, जो शासन और सत्ता के सदैव निकट रही है। अपनी युद्ध-कुशलता और शासन-क्षमता के कारण राजपूतों ने पर्याप्त ख्याति अर्जित की। राजपूत उत्तर भारत का एक क्षत्रिय कुल माना जाता है जो कि ‘राजपुत्र’ का अपभ्रंश है। राजस्थान को ब्रिटिशकाल में ‘राजपुताना’ भी कहा गया है। ‘Rajput’ is derivative of a …

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पन्ना दाई: सत्य नारायण गोयनका की वीर रस कविता

पन्ना दाई - सत्य नारायण गोयंका

Panna Dhai (also spelled Panna Dai “पन्ना दाई“) was a 16th-century nursemaid to Udai Singh II, the fourth son of Maharana Sangram Singh (12 April 1484 – 17 March 1527). Her name, Panna means emerald, and dai means a nurse in Hindi language. She had been given charge of young Udai Singh, breastfeeding him virtually from his birth in 1522, along …

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गोरा बादल: पंडित नरेंद्र मिश्र की वीर रस हिंदी कविता

गोरा-बादल: पंडित नरेंद्र मिश्र की वीर रस हिंदी कविता

दोहराता हूँ सुनो रक्त से लिखी हुई क़ुरबानी। जिसके कारन मिट्टी भी चन्दन है राजस्थानी।। रावल रत्न सिंह को छल से कैद किया खिलजी ने काल गई मित्रों से मिलकर दाग किया खिलजी ने खिलजी का चित्तोड़ दुर्ग में एक संदेशा आया जिसको सुनकर शक्ति शौर्य पर फिर अँधियारा छाया दस दिन के भीतर न पद्मिनी का डोला यदि आया …

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Eid-ul-Fitr: Eid Poetry For Students And Children

Eid-Ul-Fitr – Obaid Ahmed

Eid-ul-Fitr is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide as well as in India that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Now that we fasted and did extra good deeds, We celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, one of the two Eids! Allah prescribed two Eids and forbid all other festivals, He told us to worship Him and …

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To A Buddha Seated On A Lotus: Sarojini Naidu

To A Buddha Seated On A Lotus - Sarojini Naidu English Poetry

Sarojini Naidu was an Indian independence activist, poet and politician. A renowned orator and accomplished poet, she is often known by the moniker ‘The Nightingale of India’. As a prodigious child, Naidu wrote the play “Maher Muneer”, which earned her a scholarship to study abroad. She became the second woman president of the Indian National Congress. She was the first …

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Twin Verses: Lord Buddha Poetry For Students

Twin Verses - Lord Buddha English Poetry

Buddha Purnima is the most sacred day in the Buddhist calendar. It is the most important festival of the Buddhists, and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Although Buddhists regard every full moon as sacred, the moon of the month of Vaisakh has special significance because on this day the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment (nirvana), and attained parinirvana (nirvana-after-death of …

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Buddha Jayanti Day: English Poetry on Buddha

Buddha Jayanti Day

Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti, popularly known as Vesak, is commemorated as the birthday of Prince Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism. Since Buddha was born, attained enlightenment and Nirvana on Purnima, the full moon period, the day is known as Buddha Purnima. As Buddha’s Birthday also falls in the Hindu month of Vaishakha, Buddha Jayanti is popular as Vesak …

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Buddha in Glory: Enlightening Poem On Buddha

Buddha in Glory - Rilke Maria Rainer

Buddha Jayanti is a special day for both Hindus and Buddhists in Nepal. On this day people celebrate the life of Lord Buddha; his Birth, Enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana (Death). Lumbini, in the western Terai plains of Nepal, is the place where Prince Siddhartha (known as the Buddha) was born. The newly-born Prince is believed to have taken seven steps and …

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माँ: ओम व्यास ओम – माँ पर मार्मिक कविता

माँ - ओम व्यास ओम

माँ संवेदना है, भावना है, अहसास है माँ, माँ जीवन के फूलों में खुशबू का वास है माँ। माँ रोते हुए बच्चे का खुशनुमा पलना है माँ, माँ मरूथल में नदी या मीठा सा झरना है माँ। माँ लोरी है, गीत है, प्यारी सी थाप है माँ, माँ पूजा की थाली है, मंत्रों का जाप है माँ। माँ आँखों का सिसकता हुआ किनारा …

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