Culture & Tradition of India

India boasts of strong culture & traditions. This category introduces you to different aspects of Indian cultural traditions.

Lord Mahavira: Early Life, Ascetic, as a Teacher

Lord Mahavira: Jain Culture & Traditions

Mahavira is regarded as the man who gave Jainism its present-day form; although this is true only in the widest sense. He is sometimes wrongly called “the founder of Jainism“. Mahavira is only this world’s most recent tirthankara (and will be the last one in this age). It may be more useful to think of him as a reformer and …

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Legends of Mahavira Jayanti

Legends of Mahavira Jayanti: Jain Culture & Traditions

Legends of Mahavira Jayanti: The two sects, namely the Digambars and the Svetambaras, have slightly different stories related to the birth of Lord Mahavira. According to the Digambar school of Jainism, Lord Mahavira was born in 615 BC, but according to the Svetambaras, he was born in 599 BC. Though the two sects believe that he was the son of …

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Mahavir Jayanti Culture & Traditions

Mahavir Jayanti: Jain Culture & Traditions

Mahavir Jayanti Culture & Traditions – Founded in the 6th century BC, Jainism is one of the most significant religions of the world. The foundation and formation of the religion rested on twenty-four prophets (Tirthankaras) who arrived in the world to deliver the message of peace and tolerance to the people of the world and show the path of spiritual …

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Mahavir Jayanti History and Origin of Jainism

Mahavir Jayanti: History and Origin

Mahavir Jayanti History and Origin of Jainism: Mahavir is the last and the greatest Tirthankar of the Jain religion, and Mahavir Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Lord Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara. Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated in the first day of Bhadrapad, when there is a grand cradle procession, and a general celebration of the auspicious day. The two sects …

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Mahavir Jayanti Celebration in Jain Community

Mahavir Jayanti Celebration: Jain Culture & Traditions

Mahavir Jayanti is the most auspicious day for the followers of Jainism and particularly the Digambars. On Mahavir Jayanti, Jain temples are decorated with flags. In the morning the idol of Mahavira is given a ceremonial bath called the ‘Abhishek’. It is then placed in a cradle and carried in a procession around the neighborhood. The devotees make offerings of …

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Ram Navami Legends & Associated Stories

Ram Navami Legends: Hindu Culture & Traditions

Rama Navami is a famous Hindu festival, which celebrates the birth of Lord Rama. It falls on the ninth day of the shukla paksha, or bright phase of the moon, in the lunar month of Chaitra (April-May). Rama is amongst the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu and also one of the two most popular avatars, along with Lord Krishna. Consequently, …

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Ram Navami Fast: Significance of Vrat in Hindus

Ram Navami Fast: Hindu Culture & Traditions

Ram Navami is one of the prominent festivals of Hindus in India. The festival, which marks the birth of Lord Rama – the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu – is celebrated with gusto, by people in different parts of the country. According to the legends, Lord Rama was born as the eldest son of Dasaratha, the king of Ayodhya, and …

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Ram Navami Cards In Hindu Culture

Ram Navami Cards: Hindu Culture & Traditions

Today, a number of gift galleries have come up with attractive greeting cards for various ceremonious occasion. It is not surprising to see greeting cards for Hindu festivals flocking the markets, because sending and receiving cards has become customary amongst the people. Greeting cards for religious occasions such as Ram Navami are also available in India, in most of the …

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