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The Death Relic - Chris Kuzneski

Vanquished by the Spanish Empire, little remains of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations...

Author: Chris Kuzneski > American author.

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The New World, 1545...

Vanquished by the Spanish Empire, little remains of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations. From the ashes of their cities, a unified legend emerges: the Christians who conquered them possessed a mysterious object, an artifact so powerful-so deadly-that it was known throughout the Americas as “the death relic.”

Yucatan Peninsula, present day...

When Maria Pelati’s research team disappears in Mexico, Jonathon Payne and David Jones embark on a perilous mission to find the missing archaeologists. The duo quickly finds a link between the group’s work and its recent disappearance. Following the clues left behind, the pair try to solve one of the darkest mysteries of the new world, but their quest for the relic might cost them their lives.

About the Author
Chris Kuzneski (born in 1969) is a New York Times bestselling American author. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages and have been published in more than 40 countries. His works have also been named a Literary Guild's featured selection and honored by the Florida Book Awards. Due to his success in the United Kingdom, his books are released in the British market several months before they are published in America.

Kuzneski’s novels follow the adventures of Jonathon Payne and David "D.J." Jones, former members of the MANIACs—an elite Special Forces unit in the U.S. military. Although the main characters are ex-soldiers, the novels are not “military” thrillers. Instead, they are often compared to the works of Clive Cussler and James Rollins. Kuzneski’s thrillers are known for their action, adventure, and humor. His novels have garnered the attention of several notable authors. His books have been endorsed by James Patterson, Clive Cussler, Nelson DeMille, Lee Child, Douglas Preston, Vince Flynn, James Rollins, Tess Gerritsen, and Steve Berry.

His fourth thriller, The Lost Throne, was released in the UK in 2008 and peaked at #5 on the British fiction chart. Putnam released the American hardcover in July 2009. It won the Bronze Medal for Popular Fiction at the Florida Book Awards, which is America’s most comprehensive state book awards program. The American paperback reached the New York Times mass-market bestseller list in July 2010.

His fifth thriller, The Prophecy, was published in the UK in October 2009 and climbed to #4 on the British fiction chart. Putnam released the American hardcover in July 2010.

His sixth novel, The Secret Crown, was released by Penguin UK on September 30, 2010 and within two weeks rose to #10 on the The Times bestsellers list. The American version won’t be released until December 2011.


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