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Lights Out in Wonderland

The spectacular third novel from DBC Pierre, one of the great fantastical storytellers of his generation.

Author: DBC Pierre

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It’s a hilarious, yet crazy, account of the journey of Gabriel Brockwell, the not-yet-thirty, self-proclaimed aesthete and poet-philosopher. The story centres around Brockwell’s realisation that his experiences aren’t unique. He feels he needs to do something different and get access to knowledge that only he might be privileged to possess. So he wanders off to look for a destination. What follows is a bizarre and out-of-this world global odyssey to a place named Wonderland. Brockwell’s adventures include a session in rehab, a sexual encounter with an octopus, an orgy in the toilet of the Berlin airport and a near-death experience. However, these efforts are only aimed at erasing the memories of all the previous parties he might have attended and the way he pursued pleasure in the past. Ultimately, the journey makes him introspect and help him emerge as a new character. Find out how some thoughts become so powerful they make you want to leave everything and go towards the unexplored.

Gabriel Brockwell, aesthete, poet, philosopher, disaffected twenty-something decadent, is thinking terminal. His philosophical enquiries, the abstractions he indulges, and how these relate to a life lived, all point in the same direction. His destination is Wonderland. The nature and style of the journey is all that's to be decided. Taking in London, Tokyo, Berlin and the Galapagos Islands, Lights Out In Wonderland documents Gabriel Brockwell's remarkable global odyssey. Committed to the pursuit of pleasure and in search of the Bacchanal to obliterate all previous parties, Gabriel's adventure takes in a spell in rehab, a near-death experience with fugu ovaries, a sexual encounter with an octopus, and finally an orgiastic feast in the bowels of Berlin's majestic Tempelhof Airport. Along the way we see a character disintegrate and re-shape before our eyes. Lights Out In Wonderland carries you through its many corridors of delight and horror on the back of Gabriel's voice, which is at once skeptical, idealistic, broken and optimistic. An allegorical banquet and a sly commentary on these End Times and the march towards insensate banality, DBC Pierre's third novel completes a loose trilogy of fictions, each of which stands alone as a joyful expression of the human spirit.

About the Author
DBC Pierre lives in County Leitrim, Ireland. Vernon God Little, his debut novel, won the MAN Booker Prize and the Whitbread First Novel Award. Ludmila's Broken English, his second, was published in 2006.


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