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Shyam Lal Begana

Shyam Lal BeganaShyam Lal Begana, lives with his family in a house by the Naini road. Well known in the village as the ‘Biraha’ Kalakar (artist), he not only performs in AIR (All India Radio) but is also invited to sing in functions such as weddings and ‘Biraha’ competitions to villages in the entire district.

Like most performers, he is a master of the art of holding the viewer’s interest in a live performance and peppers his songs with comments on society. One of the distinguishing features of his singing, a trademark of ‘Biraha’ is the frequent shouts of “Jiya Beta Jiya” as a way of praising and encouraging his accompanying artists.

What is wonderful in his style of singing is the expression that he brings to it. The tone, tenor, volume and his actions all together convey the meaning of the words he sings.

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