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Gas trouble (Ayurvedic Name – Adhmaan)

Adhmaan is caused in body by increased or disturbed vat dosha...

Author: Dr. Sunil Ahlawat > BAMS (M.D. University), Practicing in Ayurveda since 2001, at Ayurvedic Sanjeevani, RZ-35 Sita Puri, P.O.: Palam, New Delhi-45

Last Updated On: Monday, January 16, 2012


Ayurvedic Name – Adhmaan

In Ayurveda gas trouble or gas related problems are known as ‘ADHMAAN’. Adhmaan is caused in body by increased or disturbed vat dosha. In local languages in India it is also known as affara. In vat dosha the fifth type of vayu (apaan vayu) is affected. The blockage of apaan vayu creates heaviness in lower abdomen and patient gets relief after air is passed through rectum. In this disease patient complains on heaviness in abdomen especially in lower abdomen, pain and abdominal distension.

Home remedies for gas trouble:

  1. Garlic with warm water

  2. Sprinkled few drops of lemon juice on a ginger to be eaten. It gives immediate relief

  3. Reddish juice is also useful in gas trouble

  4. Hing with warm water
  5. Hot fomentation is useful in any kind of cramps

  6. Castor oil is the best remedy for the increased vat (air) related doshas

Therapeutically remedies:

  1. Shivakshar pachan churn

  2. Saajikshar

  3. Hingwadi vati

  4. Arogyavardhini vati

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