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Ayurveda Skin Care Tips

Ayurvedic simple but very effective skin care tips for glowing, wrinkle-free, acne-free and clear skin...

Author: Dr. Sunil Ahlawat > BAMS (M.D. University), Practicing in Ayurveda since 2001, at Ayurvedic Sanjeevani, RZ-35 Sita Puri, P.O.: Palam, New Delhi-45

Last Updated On: Monday, January 16, 2012


As we all know skin always needs precaution and care especially in today’s life, because of polluted atmosphere and un-hygienic diet system. The topic of the skin care is even hotter during the summer season. In our previous article we started our discussion on the particular skin problems and today I would like to share with you the simple but very effective skin care tips for glowing, wrinkle-free, acne-free and clear skin. As stomach needs good food every day to lead a healthy life our skin also needs daily care!

So, here are the easy tips:

  1. Regular application of pomegranate leaves paste is useful for healthy and wrinkle-free skin. It tightens and stretches the skin to it give a new look.

  2. Daily used turmeric powder paste clears all marks from the skin.

  3. Daily used turmeric powder mixed with milk gives internal glow to skin and helps in blood purifying.

  4. Lemon juice mixed with honey is very useful working effectively on wrinkles.

  5. Holy basil leaves juice helps to remove white patches and acnes.

  6. Margosa ’neem’ oil helps in dandruff and itching overhead acnes. Margosa is also known for its anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects and as a very good blood purifier.

  7. Multani mitti also works effectively on skin problems. Its paste is a natural face pack giving soothing effects to skin and clears skin from acne (useful for oily skin).

  8. Aloe Vera juice is also helpful for many skin problems and gives the skin younger looks.

Some medicinal preparation for regular use for skin problem:

  1. Panchtick Guggulu Ghrit

  2. Haridrakhand

  3. Triphala Churn / powder

  4. Amla Powder (Emblic Myrobalans)

  5. Khadirarisht

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Skin Rasayan

Health Benefits: Skin Rasayana is a combination of Gold & Pearl useful in pigmentation, fairness, wrinkle, acne, scar marks, Ayurveda skin rejuvenator improves skin tone, advanced skin care for all skin related problems.

Direction for use: Make a past as per your purpose of requirement, apply it over face for ½-1hour, then wash with normal water.
• For general make up ½ table spoon with water.
• For wrinkles ½ tablespoon with spinach juice.
• For acne and anti-ageing effect with rose water.
• For pigmentation with lemon juice will increase its effectiveness.

Cost: 52 USD

Shipping within India: USD 2

Shipping outside India: USD 15


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