Eczema (Vicharchika)

Eczema (Vicharchika)DermatitisEczema is a very common skin ailment, and one that causes much unnecessary suffering. It is also known as dermatitis, and is in fact not one skin condition but several. Eczemas come in very different types and come with various severity of symptoms, but all types of this skin ailment has one thing in common – unpleasant skin symptoms that include a rash and itchy and irritated skin. The affected skin areas may be isolated or a flaky rash may develop all over the body.

Eczema is an extremely painful and embarrassing problem that can affect anyone–male or female. It is estimated that 15 million people in the United States alone are affected by symptoms of this disease.

Although Eczema usually appears when a person is still in infancy or childhood, a person of any age can develop symptoms of the disease. When you start to develop symptoms of Eczema, dry, red, itchy rashes appear on the skin. Eczema can be isolated to one area or be present in several areas on your body. Scratching or rubbing often irritates the condition, and can even make it itch more.

Although this skin condition is not life-threatening, dermatitis carries many psychological and physical risks with it. Those who suffer from any of the types of eczemas are often self-conscious about their skin’s appearance – to the point of isolating themselves. Further, this illness can be very uncomfortable and painful. For both these reasons, this skin ailment should not be treated lightly. If you have any symptoms of dermatitis, visit your doctor. Any skin rash that is persistent and does not heal should be treated and examined by a doctor as it could indicate an underlying condition such as dermatitis.

Eczema is a distinctive reaction of the skin, which can be either acute or chronic and is due to a number of causes. Eczema is classified into two divisions: endogenous and exogenous. In the acute stage edema of epidermis progresses to the formation of the interadermal vesicle, which may enlarge and rupture a sticky fluid oozing out with pus and blood from the affected part, which further dries out. There is an extremely itchy sensation, which is accompanied by variable degree of Vasodilatation and t-helper lymphocytic infiltration in the upper dermis.

Eczema can be hereditary like Asthma.

In Ayurveda, eczema is known as “vicharchika”. According to ayurveda, kapha is the main (Pradhan Dosha) responsible dosha for eczema. Vat and pitta are associated doshas creating signs and symptoms of the disease.

Diet and Cure

  1. Spicy food, chillies, junk food should be avoided.
  2. Pickles, curd, rice are not allowed for such food creates digestion -related problems.
  3. Reduce salt.
  4. Stop alcohol intake and smoking.
  5. Patient should be aware about hygiene and not allowed to share clothes when oozing out (it can be communicable).
  6. A patient should immediately stop activities which increase itching.

Ayurveda Home Remedies

  1. Wash affected area with water boiled with the Neem leaf.
  2. Babul (Acacia Arabica) works effectively in eczema. Bark of babul boiled in water and its fumes fomentation on affected area gives good results.
  3. After washing and fomentation apply turmeric paste on the affected area.
  4. Coconut oil is also useful to get rid of itching

Therapeutical Remedies:

  1. Amritadi guggulu – (2 tablet twice a day)
  2. Vicharchikari oil for local application
  3. Ras manikya – 125 mg
  4. Khadirarisht

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