Scorpio Weekly Horoscope February-March 2020

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope By Anupam V Kapil

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope By Anupam V Kapil: 17 – 23 February, 2020

Money short travels, correspondence, love and creativity are all favored now. Plan to have some fun as long as Venus moves in your fifth house. Travel plans may take a few twists and turns, but the adventure will be interesting. You will be energetic and optimistic. You will have the generosity and resolve to solve complicated disputes. Look for good associates or tie ups in business as this will be a creative, productive and rewarding phase. Financially, it can be a rewarding week. Those who have started a new business must devote extra time.

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  1. Dr. Sharad Chikara

    I want my weekly horoscope on my id.

  2. Good Morning Sir, My DO is 21st November 1973. My Birth time is between 2 to 3 pm. I am facing insecurities in my career. I am working as an associate professor in Engineering. I am waiting for my promotion as a professor. Sir Shall I wait in the current job for promotion or Shall I change the job. Two job opportunities are there for me with good salary.

  3. I just trust Anupam’s Predictions. I like him.

  4. My career: When can I have promotion & appreciation in my current job? Am I SECURED IN THE CURRENT JOB? What is best way for me?

  5. Dear Sir, I really trust in your Predictions. kindly send me a daily horoscope for Scorpio as i am facing many issues. my DOB is 07.11.1990.

  6. Nilanjana Bhattacharya

    I looking for job. Any chance for good job and promotion. I pray not to go for illicit relationships.

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