Libra Monthly Horoscope: July 2020

Libra Monthly Horoscope (September 23 – October 22)

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. It spans the 180–210th degree of the zodiac, between 180 and 207.25 degree of celestial longitude. Under the tropical zodiac, Sun transits this area on average between (northern autumnal equinox) September 23 and October 22, and under the sidereal zodiac, the sun currently transits the constellation of Libra from approximately October 16 to November 17. The symbol of the scales is based on the Scales of Justice held by Themis, the Greek personification of divine law and custom. She became the inspiration for modern depictions of Lady Justice. The ruling planet of Libra is Venus.

Libra is one of the three zodiac air signs, the others being Gemini and Aquarius. Personality traits often associated with people born under the sign of Libra include: harmonious, seeking justice and balance, intellectual, refined and concerned with relationships.

Read July 2020 Libra Monthly Horoscope

Libra Monthly Horoscope: July, 2020

There’s a full moon and lunar eclipse in ambitious Capricorn on July 4 that make you want to run before you can walk. Take some time to rethink the past 30 days and plan for where you’d like to go in the future. This lunation is best for thinking ahead rather than acting spontaneously.

The intensity brought on by Chiron in retrograde on the eleventh is unavoidable, especially if you’ve been dealing with a past hurt of any kind. Inner reflection takes you to some very uncomfortable places, but it’s only through doing some tough inner work that you can come to the conclusions you’re seeking. Looking to other people for answers now results in disappointment.

A Cancer new moon on July 20 offers hope of better things to come, especially if you’re expecting news from or about your family. This is a very nurturing and fertile time, making it perfect for planning to expand your family (including adding a pet or baby).

The sun enters ego-driven Leo on the twenty-second, but your friendliness and outgoing attitude could leave you susceptible to embarrassment and ridicule. Even though you know there are consequences that come from being an open book, you can’t imagine being any other way now.

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  1. Predictions are quite accurate.may I know who’s the astrologer ? And also if these monthly horoscope are based on moon signs ?

  2. I’m following Anupam V Kapil astrology from past 15 years… I strongly believe in all his forecasts… Thank You?

  3. Libra: Prediction not updated for June-2018 !

  4. It’s nice Anupam’s predications are accurate.But Why is there no mention about “Career” in libra monthly? It’s always more about love and relations. Please give an equal share and mention to all the aspects if possible. That would be really helpful.

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