Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: April 2021

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation Aquarius.

The water carrier represented by the zodiacal constellation Aquarius is Ganymede, a beautiful Phrygian youth. Ganymede was the son of Tros, king of Troy (according to Lucian, he was also son of Dardanus). While tending his father’s flocks on Mount Ida, Ganymede was spotted by Jupiter. The king of gods became enamored of the boy and flew down to the mountain in the form of a large bird, whisking Ganymede away to the heavens. Ever since, the boy has served as cupbearer to the gods. Ovid has Orpheus sing the tale:

“The king of the gods was once fired with love for Phrygian Ganymede, and when that happened Jupiter found another shape preferable to his own. Wishing to turn himself into a bird, he none the less scorned to change into any save that which can carry his thunderbolts. Then without delay, beating the air on borrowed pinions, he snatched away the shepherd of Ilium, who even now mixes the winecups, and supplies Jove with nectar, to the annoyance of Juno” (Metamorphoses X 154-160).

Aquarius is a summer constellation in the northern hemisphere, found near Pisces and Cetus. It is especially notable as the radiant for four meteor showers, the largest of which is the Delta Aquarid meteor shower in late July and early August.

Under the tropical zodiac, the sun is in Aquarius typically between January 20 and February 18, while under the Sidereal Zodiac, the sun is in Aquarius from approximately February 15 to March 14, depending on leap year.

Read April 2021 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: April 2021

Sharing Your Message

As sobering Saturn and jovial Jupiter continue to move through your sign, they give you street cred and inspire you to take your goals seriously. Whatever you hope to accomplish, you have everything you need to do well. And with a positive emphasis on networking, communication, and getting your message out to the world, this is a time when you can flourish.

Quick-talking Mercury moves into Aries on April 3, and this can also spur you on to learn, connect, write, journal, and teach. Are you ready to showcase your skills? Now is the time.

The new moon in Aries on the eleventh can be great for launching and marketing a blog, website, product, or business idea. Make a start now, and as the moon waxes, so the momentum will begin to build.

There is a gentle shift to your home zone, which begins as sweet Venus moves into Taurus on April 14. This is followed by talkative Mercury and the sun on the nineteenth. If you’ve been busy, then the coming weeks offer the chance of a respite and the opportunity to nurture yourself. From this deeply subjective state, your perspective on life’s key issues could shift.

Assertive Mars moves into Cancer and your sector of work and wellness on April 23, so it’s time to take a closer look at how your life is panning out. What small changes can you make to shift things in the direction you want to go? Small adjustments might work better than sweeping changes because you’ll be more inclined to stick with them. They can lead to surprisingly big results.

There is a further development with a supermoon in Scorpio and your sector of goals and career on the twenty-sixth, which could put you in the spotlight. Avoid overreacting, because others will notice. Act with integrity and you’ll be rewarded.

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