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Artworks by Srinivasa Prasad, Zakkir Hussain, Navin Thomas and Sudarshan Shett

Timing: 11:00 am [November 17, 2008 - January 10, 2009]

Srinivasa Prasad, Zakkir Hussain, Navin Thomas, Sudarshan Shett


Bangalore > Karnataka > India



: 11:00 am onwards.

Start Date

: November 17, 2008

End Date

: January 10, 2009


: Exhibition


Srinivasa Prasad, Zakkir Hussain, Navin Thomas, Sudarshan Shett


: Galleryske


: Bangalore, Karnataka  [India]


Artworks by Srinivasa Prasad, Zakkir Hussain, Navin Thomas and Sudarshan Shetty.

Learn more: Srinivasa Prasad

Lives and works in Bangalore, India.

Using the natural materials such as mud, hay, water, grains, cow dung etc. Bangalore has created those large-scaled works which are site specific and deeply rooted in the tradition and culture of that land. He also takes in the essence of performing arts to his works and emphasizes the interaction between the audiences and the work. For ARCUS, he has a plan to create the artworks telling about the changes and memories of the past.

Learn More About Zakkir Hussain:

“Broken pieces are brought together to create a new shape. There is no deliberation in the act. It is a like a play and the images happen,” Zakkir Hussain explains the secret of his works. Looking through the lens that the artist now has given to us, we see broken pieces coming together and re-emerging as in a kaleidoscopic vision. They are so brittle and you feel any disturbance around can collapse them. But they do not crumple down just like that. In their fragility, they show the strength of unity and survival.

Yes, now we are there. Zakkir’s works are about survival (not of the fittest but of the just). His artistic vision is gory; bloodied with the leftovers of a human carnage. But in the debris you see a bird perching and singing, the songs of freedom, love and redemption. Zakkir Hussain’s watercolours are the redemption songs. They, from their apparent simplicity cry out to the people who look at them, “Redeem. Be human.”

The social ostracism imposed upon the minorities might be one of the reasons that made a politically inclined Zakkir Hussain work on those themes of carnage and pogrom. He finds the society as a heap of broken images. And as an artist he feels that it is the artist’s responsibility to bring the broken pieces together and give new life and meaning to them. A shaman, a healer, a prophet, a poet and revolutionary- for Zakkir, an artist is the embodiment of all these.

Zakkir does not limit himself with the themes of carnage. There is a sense of fun in them. Also you see the fervor of a myth maker, perhaps with a lot of ironies. A man who defeceates on the hearth, a fish that eats up another fish- all mythologies of escape and survival. Here images take the shape of metaphors and they work like a surreal poetry. A skeptic’s outlook turns into an optimist’s reverie.

Born in Chandiroor, a village near Kochi, Zakkir Hussain did his BFA in painting in Trivandrum Fine Arts College and MFA from the illustrious MS University, Baroda. Like some of his contemporaries he went back to Kerala after the sojourn in Baroda. After a few years of struggle, now Zakkir has become one of the highly sought after painters from Kerala. He loves to work on paper using water colours. He has participated in several important group shows in India and abroad. Zakkir will present a set of new works in his forthcoming solo show in Kerala in April 2007.

Learn More About Navin Thomas:

Born 1974 in Chennai, India
Lives and works in Bangalore, India

Solo Exhibitions
2006 sound asleep, GALLERYSKE, Bangalore and Project88, Mumbai, India
2005 Auto In, GALLERYSKE, Bangalore, India
2004 In Transit, GALLERYSKE, Bangalore, India
Group Exhibitions
2008 RE ASIA - Avatar, Asia's Narrators, a literature festival curated by Ilija Trojanow, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
Mechanisms of Motion, curated by Marta Jakimowicz, Anant Art Gallery, Delhi

2007 New Installations from India, Part I, curated by Michael Olijnyk and Barbara Luderowski, The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, USA
2005 Indian Summer, curated by Henri-Clause Cousseau, Deepak Ananth, Jany Lauga, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, France (Catalogue)
World Information City, Bangalore, curated by Institute of New Culture Technologies, Vienna, Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore and Ayisha Abraham

Workshops and Residencies
2007 The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, USA
2006 AFFA, winter artist residency program, Paris

2004 In Transit, Live at All India Radio, Bangalore.

2003 Grant from Sarai (CSDS), to document musical busking performance through sound and stills

Diploma in graphic design
Diploma in cinematography, Karnataka Film and Technical Training Centre, Bangalore


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