Varnishing_bigVarnishing – To give a glossy finish to ordinary flat paints, you can use clear varnish.

This is a preparation that can be bought in tins and is ready for use after a good long stir, Use a broad brush for varnishing and see that the minimum of varnish is used to cover the surface.

Use as thinly as possible, for nothing looks worse than lumps of varnish on paint, which never really dries out.

Why should I use a varnish?

Like many others, you may be wondering ‘Why should I use a varnish’? As a boater, you take pride in the appearance of your vessel. You keep it in pristine condition and feel great satisfaction knowing that it’s protected.

Using a varnishing system not only enhances the natural beauty of your boat; it also offers an excellent barrier against varying weather conditions, the sea and the suns UV rays. Varnishing is a delicate process that takes time and patience but yields remarkably beautiful results.

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