Punch and Judy Show

Punch and Judy Show
Punch and Judy Show

Punch and Judy Show

This is one of the oldest forms of theatrical entertainment and has enthralled and amused countless boys and girls throughout the centuries. The story of Punch and Judy is well known and the authentic play can be bought in printed form very cheaply.

The theatre for Punch and Judy can be constructed from wood and curtaining materials. The one illustrated is made for a show that can take place in an ordinary room and the theatre will rest on the edge of a table.

Make the wooden framework first of all. This should measure I8 in. across by I2 in. deep, having a stage opening of I2 in. in depth. The best kind of wood to use is ordinary I in. square deal. The framework is made on the lines of the diagram, with the stage protruding from the front, being made from 6 in. wide wood, rounded at the front corners and well sandpapered and planed.

The next step is to find some red striped material for the front and sides and back of the theatre. This is tacked into position as shown, seeing that the stripes all go the same way, i.e. vertically, and try and match these up at the corners. The curtains for the stage can be made from thick red velvet or a similar material, tacked at the sides and held into position with deep red ribbons. The curtains at the top are similar and tacked along the top wood.

You will need a curtain to open the show and this can easily be made from dark red material, hung on a wire across the top of the stage, behind the top curtain. The curtain is made in two parts, and is opened from the centre, by hand. There is little need for scenery in the theatre for all the action is in front, made by characters.

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