Paper Folding Hut

Paper Folding Hut – Item required:

  • Orange Glazed Paper
  • Purple Glazed Paper
  • White Card Sheet
Paper Folding Hut Step - 1Take a rectangular orange sheet of glazed paper.
Paper Folding Hut Step - 2Flip the sheet and fold it from the top into two triangles.
Paper Folding Hut Step - 3Now, flip the sheet of paper again, it will look like big orange arrow.


Paper Folding Hut Step - 4Take a piece of purple kite paper and cut two pieces of square and one rectangle.
Paper Folding Hut Step - 5Apply adhesive on the rectangular purple paper and paste on the orange arrow as shown.
Paper Folding Hut Step - 6Now, apply adhesive on square purple pieces and paste them on orange arrow as shown.


Paper Folding Hut Step - 7Your paper hut is ready. Paste this hut on a white card sheet.
Paper Folding HutDecorate your card sheet as shown here with the help of ther glazed papers.

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