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US Army Acronyms: Used by U.S. Military

List of initialisms, acronyms (“words made from parts of other words, pronounceable”), and other abbreviations used by the government and the military of the United States. Note that this list is intended to be specific to the United States government and military – other nations will have their own acronyms.

US Army Acronyms: Used by United States Military

Alphabetical Listing of US Army Acronyms

  • AAF — Army Airfield
  • AAFES — Army And Air Force Exchange Service
  • AAM — Army Achievement Medal; Air-to-Air Missile (see ATAM); Automated Acquisition Module
  • AAR — After-Action Review (formerly After-Action Report); Air-to-Air Receive; Air-to-Air Refueling; Aircraft Accident Report
  • ABN — Airborne
  • AC — Aircraft Commander; Active Component; Alternating Current; Aircraft; Aircraft Carrier; Air Conditioning; Air Controller; Aircrew; Armament Computer; Associate Contractor
  • ACU — Army Combat Uniform; Assault Craft Unit; Annunciator Control Unit; Automatic Calling Unit; Administrative Control Unit
  • AIT — Advanced Infantry Training; Advanced Individual Training (specialty Training Post – BCT); Aircraft Interface Tester; Automated Interactive Target; AUTODIN Interface Terminal; Automated Identification Technology
  • ALICE — All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment
  • AMF — Army Modular Force
  • AN — Army/Navy; See JETDS
  • ANCOC — Advanced Non-commissioned Officer Course
  • AO — Accounts Office; Acquisition Objective; Action Officer; Aircraft Operator; Oiler (underway Replenishment); Administration Officer; Air Officer; Area of Operations; Aviation Ordnance Person
  • AOC — Air And Space Operations Center; Air Operations Center; Army Operations Center; Air/Oil Cooler; Approach On Course; Auxiliary Output Chips; Aviation Ordnance Chief; Area of Concentration
  • AOO (AO) — Area of Operations; Aviation Ordnance Officer
  • AOR — Area of Responsibility; Allowance Overrides; Annual Operating Requirement; Area of Operations; Replenishment Oiler (underway Replenishment)
  • APC — Armored Personnel Carrier; Acquisition Professional Community; Accelerated Provision Concepts; Account Processing Code; Activity Process Codes; Agency Program Coordinator; Air Project Coordinator; Aerial Port Commander; Assign Pre-programmed Conference (l
  • APFT — Army Physical Fitness Test
  • ARCAM — Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal
  • ARCOM — Army Commendation Medal
  • ARFORGEN — Army Force Generation
  • ASAP — As Soon As Possible (pronounced AY-sap)
  • ASCC — Army Service Component Command
  • ASI — Additional Skill Identifier
  • ASOC — Air Support Operations Center
  • AST — Area Support Team
  • ASW — Anti-Submarine Warfare; Average Surface Wind
  • ATAM — Air-To-Air Missile
  • AVF — All-Volunteer Force
  • AWOL — Absent Without Official Leave. Not At One’s Place of Duty
  • AWR — Air Worthiness Release
  • B/N — Bombardier/Navigator. The Observer On A US Air Force Fighter-bomber.
  • BAH — Basic Allowance For Housing (formerly BAQ)
  • BAQ — Basic Allowance For Quarters; Basic Aircraft Qualification
  • BCD — Bad Conduct Discharge; Binary-Coded Decimal; Battlefield Coordination Detachment
  • BCT — Basic Combat Training (familiarly Basic Training Or Basic)
  • BDU — Battle-Dress Uniform; Bomb Dummy Units
  • BEQ — Bachelor Enlisted Quarters
  • BLUF — Bottom Line Up Front (i.e.
  • BNCOC — Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course
  • BOG — Beach Operations Group
  • BOQ — Bachelor Officers’ Quarters
  • BRM — Basic Rifle Marksmanship
  • BSB — Base Support Battalion
  • BWT — Battlefield Weather Team
  • BX — Base EXchange. Air Force Name For A PX (see Below.)
  • CAB — Combat Aviation Brigade; Cabin; Centralized Accounting & Billing (Navy); Contract Adjustment Board; Cost Analysis Brief; Combat Action Badge
  • CAC — Common Access Card; Community Activity Center
  • CAPE — Corrective Action Through Physical Exercise
  • CASEVAC — Casualty Evacuation
  • CAV — Cavalry (Armored Cavalry Regiment); Cavalry Fighting Vehicle
  • CBR — Chemical-Biological-Radio-logical (see NBC); Charger Battery Relay
  • CENTCOM — United States Central Command (AFB MacDill
  • CIB — Combat Infantryman Badge; Combined Information Bureau; Controlled Image Base
  • CIF — Central Issue Facility
  • CO — Commanding Officer (also Conscientious Objector); Certifying Officer; Change Order; Contracting Officer
  • COA — Course of Action
  • COB — Close of Business. The End of The Day Or Duty Shift. MEANING: By The End of The Duty Day. USAGE: Get That To Me By COB Today!!!; Contingency Operating Base. Example: Contingency Operating Base (COB) Speicher
  • CONUS — Continental United States
  • CPX — Command Post Exercise
  • CQ — Charge of Quarters. A Company-level Position of Responsibility For Units Who House Troops In Their Areas. Given To A Mid-level Or Junior NCO Who Is Responsible For The Company’s Barracks And Area During Off-duty Hours When The Company Commander And/or F
  • CTA — Common Table of Allowances
  • CTC — Combat Training Center
  • CWO — Chief Warrant Officer; Communications Watch Officer
  • CWST — Combat Water Survival Test
  • CWT — Combat Weather Team
  • DA — Department of The Army; Data Adapter Aerospace Drift; Data Administrator; Direct Action; Directorate For Administration (DIA); Decision Agent; Developing Agency; Design Agent; Development Activity; Disbursing Advisory Notice; Drift Angle
  • DCM — Distinguished Conduct Medal; Data Channel Multi-plexer; Deputy Chief of Mission; Data Communication Module
  • DCU — Data Control Unit; Document Control Unit; Desert Camouflage Uniform (not Official)
  • DD — Destroyer (Navy Ship); Defense Department (see Department of Defense)
  • DFAC — Dining Facilities Administration Center (i.e.
  • DFAS — Defense Finance And Accounting System
  • DOD (DD) — Department of Defense (Defense Department
  • DPICM — Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions (i.e.
  • DRU — Direct Reporting Unit
  • DX — Direct Exchange (of Damaged Equipment)
  • EFP — Explosively-Formed Projectile
  • EIB — Expert Infantryman’s Badge
  • EMT — Emergency Medical Technician; Emergency Medical Treatment; Elapsed Maintenance Time
  • EOD — Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • ETS — Expiration of Term of Service (scheduled Date of Separation From Active Duty); Electronic Time Keeping System; Emergency Temporary Standard; Engineering (and) Technical Services (Request); Engineering Time Standards; Estimating Tracking System; Estimated
  • EUCOM — United States European Command (Stuttgart-Vaihingen
  • EXSUM — Executive Summary
  • FARP — Forward Arming And Refueling Point/Forward-Arming Replenishment Package
  • FEBA — Forward Edge of Battle Area
  • FLOT — Forward Line of Own Troops
  • FOA — Field Operating Agency
  • FOB — Forward Operating Base; Forward Operations Base
  • FORSCOM — United States Army Forces Command (Ft. McPherson
  • FOUO — For Official Use Only
  • FTX — Field Training Exercise
  • FUBAR — Fucked Up Beyond Any Repair
  • GCM — Good Conduct Medal; General Court-Martial; Guidance Section
  • GFOQ — General/Flag Officers’ Quarters
  • GMC — General Military Course
  • HAHO — ‘High-Altitude High-Opening Parachute Technique (type of Parachute Jump
  • HALO — High-Altitude Low-Opening Parachute Technique (type of Parachute Jump
  • HANO — High-Altitude No-Opening Parachute Technique (type of Parachute Jump
  • HBCT — Heavy Gade Combat Team
  • HE — High-Explosive; Handling Equipment; Housing Expense; Heavy Equipment

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