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The power of words
A moral story - Encouraging words to someone who is down can lift him up and help him to make through it...

Radha's Prize
She knew plants needed soil and water and if you put the seeds in soil, they would grow...

Run, Bulbul, Run!
The horse looked at the twelve-year-old boy with his large, liquid shining eyes...

Secret of Joy and Happiness
Bed time stories told by Granny
For the first time after so long Radha was able to spend a restful night with no worries...


Sadako's Cranes
Real Life Story

The Golden Tobacco Box
The men got to their feet and looked in their pockets but the box was not to be found...

Test of Taste
Gattu was very much fond of tasty food...

The New King
Jhaptu gave a wonderful speech and announced that if he be made the king of Sunder Forest, all the inhabitants would get fodder free of cost...

Tansen - The Magical Musician
Now Tansenís body was hot and feverish, but absorbed in Deepak Raga he continued to sing vigorously. Seeing Tansen in this state, Rupa became anxious and was unable to start singing. Then slowly, although waveringly at first, she began singing Megh Raga...

The Phantom
The phantom figure also dropped his bag and ran side by side with Martin the whole length of the wall and disappeared...



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