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The Poet and The Sun
Iranian Story: The white rabbit knew the way. With his strong legs he could jump on to the highest rocks and climb any height. But he went slowly so the boy could keep us...

How Robin got his Red Breast
One winter, a long time ago, Jack Frost was very cruel...

The Child's Prayer
You who are rich and powerful can certainly come to our help as You have promised us...

Run, Bulbul, Run!
The horse looked at the twelve-year-old boy with his large, liquid shining eyes...

Snowball's Chance
Cinderella was in the coach and the coachmen were dressed as white mice...

Sadako's Cranes
Real Life Story

The Golden Tobacco Box
The men got to their feet and looked in their pockets but the box was not to be found...

Saint On Tinger
South of Calcutta, where the town of Baruipur stands, there was once dense, impenetrable jungle, laced with crocodile-infested creeks. Into this wasteland came a fakir...

The New King
Jhaptu gave a wonderful speech and announced that if he be made the king of Sunder Forest, all the inhabitants would get fodder free of cost...

Test of Taste
Gattu was very much fond of tasty food...



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