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New Hampshire State: US Encyclopedia For Kids

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New Hampshire lies between Maine on the east and Vermont on the west in northern New England. Its southern boundary, except for the southeast corner that provides New Hampshire’s 29 km (18 mi) of Atlantic coastline, borders Massachusetts. New Hampshire’s northern tip touches the Canadian province of Quebec. Of New Hampshire’s 24,219 sq km (9,351 sq mi), about 85% is …

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Netherlands sets world record: World’s First Hangover Bar

Netherlands sets world record: World's First Hangover Bar

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – February 5, 2017 – The world’s first ‘hangover bar’ has been opened in Amsterdam; conceived by online mattress brand Matt, the bar is only accessible to people with guilt in their hearts and alcohol in their blood, as measured by a breathalyser-wielding employee at the door. Photo: Hangover Bar’s lounge is covered in luscious, potted plants …

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Heart Touching Story about a Thanksgiving Dinner: Bert’s Thanksgiving

Heart Touching Story about a Thanksgiving Dinner: Bert's Thanksgiving

At noon on a dreary November day, a lonesome little fellow stood at the door of a cheap eating house, in Boston, and offered a solitary copy of a morning paper for sale to the people passing. But there were really not many people passing, for it was Thanksgiving day, and the shops were shut, and everybody who had a …

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Soon your smartphone can tell “Hey – You are pregnant!”

Soon your smartphone can tell "Hey - You are pregnant!"

Small add-on devices could allow your smartphone to take pregnancy tests or monitor diabetes, scientists say. Researchers at the Hanover Centre for Optical Technologies (HOT), University of Hanover, Germany, have developed a self-contained fibre optic sensor for smartphones with the potential for use in a wide variety of biomolecular tests, including those for detecting pregnancy or monitoring diabetes. According to …

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Addax — The Addax (Addax nasomaculatus) is a critically endangered desert antelope that lives in several isolated regions in the Sahara desert. Although extremely rare in its native habitat, it is quite common in captivity and is regularly bred on ranches where they are hunted as trophies. The Addax stands about 1 metre tall at the shoulder and weighs 60 …

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Uncategorized Acronyms

Alphabetical Listing of Uncategorized Acronyms 2.5G — Second-and-a-half-generation Mobile Telephone System 2D — Two 2G — Second 3D — Three 3G — Third 3I — Investors In Industry (venture Capitalists) 3M — Minnesota Mining And Manufacturing Company 4D — Four-dimensional (usually Three Spatial Plus One Temporal Dimension 4G — Fourth-generation Mobile Telephone System 4GL — Fourth-generation Programming Language 4WD — …

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